The Prest-On family of drywall fasteners can be used for home builders, home owners, re-modelers, DIY projects & many other countless applications. Many of our drywall fasteners could be right for your next project. Our sample pack allows you to preview each clip prior to purchasing in bulk. Try all 3 of the Prest-On drywall fasteners - Corner-back, Framer-back, & Insta-back in our new sample pack!


  • ICC Code Compliance
  • Fire Resistance Rated
  • Shear (Structural) Value
  • Approved For Use With Steel Studs
  • Made In The USA
  • Free Ground Shipping (Ships Following Business Day)


  • 4 - Prest-On Insta-Back Drywall Fasteners
  • 2 - Prest-On Corner-Back Drywall Fasteners
  • 2 - Prest-On Framer-Back Drywall Fasteners

Lets talk code! Prest-On drywall fasteners are the only code complaint back-up fastener that complies with ICC ESR-1812. Warnock Hersey tested Prest-on drywall fasteners for one and two hour walls and ceilings. Prest-on fasteners are the only back-up fasteners approved by model codes for use in residential, commercial and multiple housing construction. Prest-on fasteners meet the wind and seismic force values noted in 25-I, ICBO. Tested under ASTM E72-80 for structural adequacy by National Gypsum Labs. The Prest-on Corner-back fasteners are approved for use with steel studs.

Prest-on is your key to quicker, easier, money-saving drywall installation & repair!
SKU: 4000
Prest-On Drywall Fastener Sampler Pack

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