Prest-on Drywall Fasteners - Your Key To Quicker, Easier, Money-Saving Drywall Installation & Repair


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Easier Gypsum Board Repairs

Insta-back® makes removal and reattachment of any size piece of gypsum board quick and easy. Fasteners attach to existing board to provide a solid back-up surface for reattaching the replacement piece.

Place Insta-back® fasteners along each edge 8"-12" apart and secure Insta-back® by screwing through drywall 3/4" from edge.

Screw through patch into Insta-back® 3/4" from the edge.

Bend tabs until it snaps off!

Easier Gypsum Board Repairs



Prest-on Corner-back fasteners eliminate wood or steel stud backup at corners and ceilings. The result is faster framing and faster, easier drywall installation.

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Insta-Backs ®

Insta-back® fasteners make drywall repair quick and easy.

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