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Prest-on Corner-back and Framer-back fasteners eliminate wood or steel stud backup at corners and ceilings. The result is faster framing and faster, easier drywall installation.

Eliminate non-structural studs at exterior corners.

Prest-on fasteners eliminate the need for corner back-up studs and allow corners to be fully insulated. This means a significant reduction in thermal loss. Corner-backs and Framer-backs also assure solid construction since the maximum load on the corner is only half the load on a regular stud. Thus, two 2" X 4" studs provide the structural performance equivalent to three 2" X 4" studs.*

*Ref. U.S. Dept. H.U.D. Office of Policy Dev.

Eliminate tee post in partition placements

Prest-on fasteners let you locate partition members without the need for back-up studs. Drywall panels anchor securely to the structural studs. As a result, you create straighter corners. Mid-high blocking is not needed.

With Corner-back and Framer-back fasteners, it is no longer necessary to cut insulation for partitions abutting exterior walls.

NOTE: Prest-on Fasteners reduce energy consumption by 2% per year in an average 2,000 square foot home, or as much as 16,800 BTUs per winter day. (Independent research report available; print-out coming soon).

Reduce ceiling partition separation

Corner-backs and Framer-backs eliminate ceiling back-up members

Prest-on fasteners easily accommodate prefabricated truss ceilings with their slight concave camber and tendency to uplift.

Fasteners are placed 16" apart along the gypsum board and then nailed to the top plate of the vertical wall. This allows the ceiling to easily follow the contour (up to 1 1/4") of the bottom truss surface.

Also attach corner-backs or framer-backs to interior partitions that are perpendicular to truss members. Maintain an 18" interval between the partition and the fastener and the first row of truss attachment screws.*

*Ref. HUDAC research report.