Insta-back® fasteners make drywall repair quick and easy.

With Insta-backs® you can:

  1. Eliminate the need to cut gypsum board back to the nearest stud.
  2. Make finished butt joints that are "bump free". No ridges or crowns!
  3. Reduce the number of joints to be finished, saving time and material.
  4. Install ceilings faster, easier and safer.
  5. Eliminate sagging wallboard between trusses.
  6. Make quick easy repairs because cutouts can be reattached without cutting back to the nearest stud.

Safer, Simpler Ceiling Installation

Insta-back® fasteners make ceiling safer, easier and faster to hang. In some instances, one person can position and hang a sheet of gypsum board where two people might otherwise be needed. Insta-back® makes overhead work safer because the fasteners hood the gypsum board panel edges together so they will not slip.

Insta-back® fasteners bond the tapered edges together between trusses and rafters to prevent sagging and wavy joints.

Insta-back installation diagram 1

Quicker, Straighter Walls

Insta-back® pulls board 1-2 degrees for a perfect joint off the stud.

Insta-back® lets you "back-block" wallboard four foot edge to eliminate ugly ridges and crowns. Drywall screws and Insta-back® create a joint between studs as strong as a solid sheet of board. When tabs are removed, no metal is exposed to snag automatic taping machines. Insta-backs® at the bottom edge assure a solid bond between upper and lower wallboard panels. The patented lance design provides a 1 to 2 degree taper for a perfect finished joint.

Insta-backs® eliminate time-consuming measures and cutting, and reduce scrap.

Space three Insta-backs® approximately 16" apart starting about 1" from the taper and ending 10" from the plate. Screw into clips 3/4" from the board edge.

Butt second wallboard panel against the edge. Screw into the opposite side of Insta-back® fasteners. Bend tabs back and forth to snap off!

Estimated savings for a typical 1,200 square foot single family home using Prest-on Insta-back® fasteners:

Net Material Savings  $76.00
Net Labor Savings @ 10/hr $75.75
TOTAL $151.75

Insta-back installation diagram 2

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