Insta-back® makes removal and reattachment of any size piece of gypsum board quick and easy. Fasteners attach to existing board to provide a solid back-up surface for reattaching the replacement piece.


  • ICC Code Compliance
  • Fire Resistance Rated
  • Shear (Structural) Value
  • Approved For Use With Steel Studs
  • Made In The USA


  • 200 - Prest-On Insta-Back Drywall Fasteners


The Prest-On Insta-Back drywall fastener is applied to the 4' edge, it can also be used for repair back-up. The Insta-back eliminates the need to cut wallboard back to the nearest stud, making for quick, easy repairs. The Insta-back lets you "back-block" wallboard four-foot edge to four-foot edge, to make finished butt joints that are "bump-free", with no ridges or crowns. Reduce the number of joints to be finished saving time and material. Drywall screws and Insta-backs create a joint between studs as strong as a solid sheet of board. The Insta-back features scored tabs that break away so that no metal is exposed. Insta-backs at the bottom edge assure a solid bond between upper an lower wallboard panels. Install ceilings faster, easier and safer, while eliminating sagging wallboard between trusses. The patented lance design provides a 1 to 2 degree taper for a perfect finished joint. Insta-backs eliminate time-consuming measuring and cutting, and reduce scrap.


The 1/2" Insta-back can also be used with 5/8" drywall by simply adjusting the scored tabs.

Lets talk code! Prest-On drywall fasteners are the only code complaint back-up fastener that complies with ICC ESR-1812. Warnock Hersey tested Prest-on drywall fasteners for one and two hour walls and ceilings. Prest-on fasteners are the only back-up fasteners approved by model codes for use in residential, commercial and multiple housing construction. Prest-on fasteners meet the wind and seismic force values noted in 25-I, ICBO. Tested under ASTM E72-80 for structural adequacy by National Gypsum Labs. The Prest-on Corner-back fasteners are approved for use with steel studs.

Prest-on is your key to quicker, easier, money-saving drywall installation & repair!

SKU: 4055
Prest-On Insta-Back Drywall Fastener 200 Pack

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